Hand Crafted • Beautiful • Everyday
Hand Crafted • Beautiful • Everyday
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About Adorn Up Designs

Every day is a new chance to express yourself with Adorn Up Designs. You will find unique, wearable designs to go with every outfit in your closet plus great gifts for friends and family. Each piece is made by hand with attention to detail and beauty. 

Adorn Up Designs

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InterUrban ArtHouse
8001 Newton Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66204


Heather Blackman - Owner/Designer/Maker

I designed my first ring in my early teens and found I had a passion for making jewelry. My favorite class while working on my Apparel and Textile Marketing degree was History of Fashion  what I learned there influenced my use of color, texture, accessories and fabrics. I started collecting vintage hats, buttons, perfume bottles and paper weights. I blended my jewelry making with my love of historical fashion and my unique maker style was born.

Personal adornment is what I think about when I design. I truly believe that the jewelry one wears makes a statement about who they are and how they see themselves.  I want everyone who wears my designs to feel a special kind of individual beauty about themselves every day — to see it in the mirror and then reflect it out into the world.

My jewelry is inspired by my surroundings; traveling to a new city, visiting museums, wandering through an antique store, Asian motifs and, sometimes, even my dreams play a part in the design process. I am a very tactile person, so I love to touch and feel everything as I go through my day. I use a wide variety of techniques like wire wrapping, resin, kimono cord, epoxy clay and repurposing old with new to add both look and feel to my jewelry.

The jewelry you’ll find at Adorn Up Designs is functional, practical, affordable, and made to make each person feel special and beautiful in their own way.  Any piece can be dressed up — or down — and worn every day.